• Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix
  • Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix

Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix

Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix, Hairpiece with HOldfactor 2. Quick-drying and create the most beautiful looks. Protects against heat and UV radiation.
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Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix

The Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix is a quick drying hair spray. The special formula and composition of this hair coat ensures that the hair coat is dried after 45 seconds. Also, the hair with the Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix hair spray is protected from external effects such as humidity, heat and UV radiation.

The spray has a reinforcing medium hold factor 2 and also has a beautiful radiant finish. The fine spraying of the hair coat ensures that the spray is distributed evenly over the hair for the best result. After using the Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix, the spray is also easy to comb with, for example, a brush.

The Features :
  • Hair spray
  • Medium Hold Factor 2
  • Protects against UV radiation, moisture and heat
  • Gorgeous Finish

Wella EIMI
Show your styling skills and individuality of each customer. EIMI comes from the Greek Ego EIMI, I exist. With Wella EIMI, you can truly be yourself, say what you want to say and show it to the rest of the world: Interpret the latest global trends, create new accents in styling and originality. Wella EIMI creates and promotes, forms and inspires: In one word: Individuality.

Wella EIMI Dynamic Fix is available in a 300 ml and 500 ml package.

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