The oily product styling pomade is perhaps one of the oldest in the world. Example, the famous brand Murray's pomade emerged already in the twenties. The oil-and wax-like product pomade is extremely suitable to bring. The longer hair in model

Pomade brings styling your hair and let it shine also. A pomade does not dry out, unlike many other styling products. Since pomade very fat, it is necessary to wash to remove. The pomade out of your hair your hair frequently

The difference between pomade and wax is getting smaller as more and more wax is added. Pomades are nice to hold pomade products on the market, but these products are sold more often include better selling names.

Pomades are associated with the hairstyle in the fifties. Many young people wore when a quiff example of stars such as Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

The use of pomade increased in recent years fiks increasing among men. After the movie The Great Gatsby is the 20's style is back with a vengeance. With Leonardo DiCaprio as an example.

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