La Riche Directions

La Riche Directions

Since 1981 La Riche Directions is a well-known name in the world of hair coloring . The demand for the ' extreme' hair coloring products from La Riche is constantly increasing. The bright La Riche Directions products fit perfectly with contemporary color culture. We always see the most varied hair colors. The range continues to grow and the products are sold all over the world today.

Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring

La Riche Directions is a semi-permanent hair coloring , performed in very different extreme bright (crazy) colors . The pigments in the hair coloring product make a very striking hairstylepossible. The colors of La Riche Directions Colors can easily be applied to natural hair and natural tones, but for the best and optimal result the colors of La Riche are best applied to bleached hair!

It is possible to mix the very wide range of colors of La Riche . In this way, colors are created that are unique, contemporary and original. For the best and longest result, apply the paint to very light blond and chemically treated (bleached) hair.

By adding the white toner it is even possible to create pastel colors. The hair color is ready for use, no hydrogen peroxide should be added. That makes the coloring of the hair much easier! La Riche is constantly trying to bring new colors and tones to the market, so it is certainly true to keep an eye on this brand!

A Top Tip: If you have already colored your hair and you want to keep the color extra well, you can try the La Riche Directions Color Protecting Shampoo or the La Riche Directions Color Protecting Conditioner for example !

La Riche Directions Colors

La Riche Directions Colors is a semi permanent coloring. Before using the product , the hair must first be bleached, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved. You can mix La Riche Directions Colors perfectly together for even more color.

Directions colors from La Riche always bring the desired result. This bright hair coloring is applied all over the world by top stylists. All larich colors can be mixed with each other for the most beautiful colors. La Riche Directions hair dye is best applied to chemically treated hair.

To keep the La Riche Directions color longer alive, it is best to wash the hair with the La Riche Directions Color Protecting Shampoo and the La Riche Directions Color Porting Conditioner .

La Riche Directions Instructions for use:

  • Use gloves to apply La Riche Directions.
  • Wash the hair first with the La Riche Directions Pre Color Shampoo . This shampoo gives the hair the correct acid balance for the best result.
  • Dry the hair with a towel.
  • Apply La Riche Directions with a paintbrush and massage the paint evenly through the hair.
  • Comb La Riche Directions through the hair so that the dye is evenly distributed.
  • Let La Riche Directions work in for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • For more intensive coloring, cover the hair with a plastic cap or foil and let it work through a heat source.
  • Rinse the hair carefully until the water is clear.
  • Make sure that the face is protected when you rinse out the color. Do not use shampoo .


  • Always use plastic gloves when La Riche Directions is applied. When blending hair color is the advice to first do a lure test.
  • Do not use La Riche Directions in combination with peroxide.
  • Do not use La Riche Directions on eyelashes.
  • Do not use shampoo with conditioner. This ensures a shorter shelf life.


  • Use La Riche Directions preferably on bleached hair.
  • All La Riche Directions can be mixed together for even more color!
  • La Riche Directions is absorbed more quickly in chemically treated, permed or bleached hair.
  • If you are going to mix colors, it is important that these colors are rinsed independently of each other, in order to prevent the colors from continuing.
  • After rinsing the color it is possible that the hair gives off color on towel or pillowcase.

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La Riche Directions has never been tested on animals!

La Riche Directions Colors are available in 88 ml and many different colors

La Riche Directions products are not tested on animals.

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