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Practice Heads: Learn the tricks of the hairdressing profession on a professional Practice Head

One of the most famous tools to learn the hairdressing or beauty class is the practice head. Such a head you can style or cut as much as you want and mistakes are not bad. As there are many different people, there are also different hairdressers with various hair types. At HairandBeauty online you can find them all.

Why is a practice head handy?

The hairdressing profession is a profession apart. Besides a bit of talent and feeling, it is mainly a lot of practice. After all, you are responsible for the hair of customers. With a hairdresser doll you can take your time here at your leisure. Especially with a hairdresser's head with real hair. That way you can get started with her that in terms of structure and 'feeling' most realistically imitates a real customer.

No man has the same hair. That is why hairdressing heads are available in different hair types and colors.

What kind of hairdressers heads can you find at Hair and Beauty online?

Roughly you can divide hairdressers' heads into three categories. These are:

  • hairdressers heads with real hair
  • hairdresser heads with synthetic hair
  • hairdressers with a mix of synthetic hair and real hair

Hairdressers with real hair are most like real customers. Especially if the hair follows the natural growth patterns that people have. Real hair can endure a hotter styling than synthetic hair. For the hygiene really has gone through several purification baths, and the hair is treated in such a way that it lasts for a long time.

Synthetic hair nowadays increasingly looks like real hair. Growth patterns are well simulated. Of course it is not the same as real hair, but you can do everything (except very hot styling). It is less expensive than real hair.

You can also choose a hairdresser's head with a mix of synthetic hair and real hair. This is almost real and less expensive than just real hair.

Which products are useful for a practice head?

Products that have been specially developed for hairdressers, let the exercise hair stand out best. At HairandBeautyonline you will find special shampoos, masks and conditioners for hairdressers. These help you to practice optimally.

A practice head for your child

For many girls there is nothing more fun than combing hair and making pigtails. A hairdresser's head is a nice surprise. The hairdressers' heads of Hairandbeautyonline are of good quality and there is a lot of choice. Surprise your child or choose a hairdresser's head together. Will it be a bunch of blond curls or straight brown hair?

Within our range there are of course a number of favorite practice heads among our customers. We do not want to keep this from you. Here the top 5!

  1. Sibel Practice Head Jessica
  2. L'Image Practice Head Elena
  3. Sibel Practice Head Julie
  4. Sibel Practice Head Jenny
  5. Sibel Practice Head Mixed Synthetic

Need advice when choosing the right practice head?

If you still doubt which practice head is most suitable for you? Or do you want to know more about the differences between one and the other exercise head? Please contact us. We are happy to help out with the large selection of hairdressing tools.

Did you know that when you place an order with Hairandbeautyonline you can often choose a free gift. This differs every time, so you can also get acquainted with products that are new to you. We would also like to hear what you think of this!

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