In 1932 the company started under the name Seki Safety Razor. In 1953 the company changed its name in Feather to get. As more international attention

Feather has been producing for years very sharp knives surgical precision. Feather products are the result of years of experience combined with the latest technology. It only uses the highest quality. Cutting people in Japan are produced in a highly professional manner.

The company also produces surgical knives. That confirms exactly how and how well the technique should be Feather. They have exceptional expertise and the right equipment to make. Their knives razor sharp

The Feather Styling Razor is designed for shaping the hair. Platinum hardened Stainless steel blades are razor sharp and provide the control you need to get your creativity to apply. The blades also offer excellent resistance to heat and chemicals.

Safety is ensured thanks to the patented guards on all cutting blades. The Feather Styling Razor is not suitable for shaving. Feather knives are made in Japan.

For years Feather leader in barber blades of excellence.
Throughout the world, the brand is renowned for his tremendous precision and quality.

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