Goldwell Transformation

Do you want a lush bunch of curls in style? Goldwell Conversion also called permanent has several products that help you to create a beautiful full forest. Changing looks can be done in a mild way. The hair retains its color and shine and the hair gets a nice wavy look.

Goldwell transformation, from style to a full forest with curls or from a forest with curls to style hair.
Temporary conversion, limited to 1 wash. After 1 wash is your old hair structure back again. Then think of a curling iron.
Semi-Permanent Transformation gradually disappears from the hair. The transformation will gradually disappear from the hair. This transformation is also chemical, but milder than a permanent transformation. Also called a permanent start or volume permanent.
Permanent transformation, in this transformation use is made of a chemical treatment and is therefore permanent. Because the hair continues to grow, its original hair will grow again when it is used. If you do not want that, you will have to "work" with her again or completely. Goldwell Omvorming has various products in the range, for which transformation you choose.

Goldwell Transformation

By using the Goldwell products, the hair is protected to the maximum. All products are also coordinated for optimum results. Noticeably more suppleness and shine. For resilient, long-lasting and evenly formed incidences from points to points, on every hair structure.

Powerful and long-lasting transformation

Exceptionally mild for the hair structure and high reliability with the proven Neutral Technology - works in the neutral pH range. Valuable lipids take care of the hair during the transformation Self-Balancing System with patented, protective film ensures an even transition from the onset to the points. It protects the parts of the hair that need it most. Optimal color retention thanks to the new Color Maintain System.


• Operates in the neutral pH range
• Exceptional mildness for the hair
• Durable, resilient curls and waves
• Valuable lipids take care of the hair during the transformation.

94% of all test subjects are convinced and very enthusiastic about the uniform and resilient transformation.

Goldwell Buying a conversion

The Goldwell transformation can be found at These products can be ordered quickly, safely and easily online. Of course at competitive prices, our webshop keeps an eye on the latest offers, promotions and discount codes, so that you can order your favorite product at an extra cost.

Fast delivery
All orders are sent from our logistics warehouse in the middle of the country. Hundreds of packages leave our warehouse on the way to a satisfied customer every day. Also visit our store in Nijkerk.
If there are questions about a certain product, you want advice on, for example, dyeing your hair, or you are curious when your package is delivered, then our customer service is ready for you. They can also tell you more about the Goldwell and healthy functioning. Our customer service can be reached by telephone on 033 258 43 43, or via [email protected].

Goldwell Transformation

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