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In 1898, the chemist Hans Schwarzkopf opened a small perfume department at his pharmacy in Berlin. Mr. Schwarzkopf was approached and asked if he could order. Powder shampoo This had seen the customer namely in the United Kingdom. Hans Schwarzkopf decided not to order the product, but to develop it yourself. In 1904 Schwarzkopf managed to be the first to produce. Soluble powder shampoo

The logo with the black head was conceived and Schwarzkopf began supplying to other pharmacies in Berlin. Hans Schwarzkopf wanted to grow and began to focus on international markets.

In 1927 Schwarzkopf brings the very first liquid shampoo on the market and he sets up a barber academy since 1995. Schwarzkopf is part of the German company Henkel. This parent company is also active in technology, detergents, detergents and dyes.

Years later Schwarzkopf will become the big leading company in the world of hair cosmetics and hairstyles of today and Schwarzkopf is active in more than 80 countries.

Research has shown that the Schwarzkopf brand by consumers and professionals the most trusted brand (annual survey by Reader's Digest). Schwarzkopf is therefore in a row named 'Most Trusted Brand'. 11 years

Some brands are Schwarzkopf: Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS , Silhouette , Royal Igora , Bonacure , 3dmension , ESSENSITY . is a hairdresser site with a wide range of hair care products. Both for consumers and professionals. If you order before 15:00, the product is shipped the same day (if in stock). guarantees prompt delivery and lowest prices of the Netherlands.

We have a large warehouse and large store in the middle of the country where you also can pick your ordered products. Here is always someone who can help you with all your questions. Hairdressers Our specialty is located at the second Voerstlaantje Nijkerk. Our customer service can be reached at 033 258 43 43 telephone.


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