Orofluido Shampoo

Orofluido shampoo is a special product thanks to the mix of three natural oils. The Moroccan argan oil - the liquid gold from the desert - provides strong hair. Cyperus oil provides protection against external threats. The third oil, linseed oil, makes the hair as soft as silk. The oil gives a boost volume and makes the hair manageable. And all in one shampoo!

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The shampoos from Orofluido are available in three varieties. Each Orofluido Shampoo has its own specific effect.

  • Orofluido Original Shampoo
    Outstanding softness, lightness and shine for all hair types
  • Orofluido Asia Zen Shampoo
    Exceptional anti-slip effect that turns frizzy hair into a soft and elastic haircut.
  • Orofluido Amazonia Shampoo
    Deep repair and reconstruction of damaged and fine hair.

Orofluido Shampoo review

The mild cleansing original orofluido shampoo is suitable for every hair type and feels like silk on your hair. The orofluido shampoo contains a delicious vanilla scent, brings easily and foams well. After washing, the hair is completely nourished by the delicious oils. The Asia Zen Control Shampoo forms creamy, luxuriant foam and smells richly and is particularly suitable for people with fluffy, thinning hair. The sweet, attractive floral scent with a fruity note instantly envelops you with a touch of sensuality. The exceptional fluff control makes the hair more manageable, for a soft, smooth look. The lightweight formula of the Amazonia Orofluido Shampoo gives the hair volume again. This shampoo gently cleanses for a soft, healthy hair.

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