Affinage/ Parucci

In 2012 Parucci was taken over by the English brand Affinage. Parucci is known from the famous product Parucci Funky Styler. Affinage renamed Parucci soon Affinage / Parucci and eventually Affinage.

The popular products Parucci like Funky Styler , Tasty Paste , Push Up Wax , Funky Clay , Dry Mud and Shamrock are still sold under their original product name and composition, but only the brand name has been changed to Affinage.

Parucci is originally a Dutch brand and all Parucci products were manufactured in the Netherlands. The acquisition of Parucci by Affinage opened all doors for Parucci products on the international market.

Refining products are sold today in more than 50 countries worldwide and the company has training centers in the UK, Italy and America.

makes hair styling products bring every hairstyle in desired model. Due to the rich range of hair styling products, there is something for everyone. Every styling product Parucci has its own great effect, so as to provide any desired hairstyle model. The brand is not only unique in terms of possibilities, even the smell of each product is delicious. is a hairdresser site with a wide range of hair care products. Both for consumers and professionals. If you order the product is shipped the same day at 15:00 (if in stock). guarantees fast delivery and lowest prices of the Netherlands.

This brand stands for many years at No. 1 when it comes to styling products, all over the world this brand is seen as a trendstter, it is therefore not very surprising that Affinage is loved in every corner of the world!

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