Proraso shaving products

Proraso is the number one when it comes to high quality shaving products. The famous brand from the city of Florentine, Italy, has been supplying high quality shaving products for the fashion conscious man since the late 1940s. The shaving products of Proraso are enriched with natural ingredients such as eucalyptus, sandalwood and aloe vera. Thanks to years of knowledge and improvements to the products, Proraso is suitable for every type, man, beard and skin!

Proraso has a wide range of shaving products, not only does the brand have shaving foam, shaving soap, aftershave, beard oil and beardwax, but Proraso also has superb shampoos in the range. Some of Proraso's best known and best-loved products are the Proraso After Shave and the Proraso Beard Oil. Of course, the Proraso Soap in a Tube may not be missing from that list either.

Proraso products

Proraso is for every man. That is why the brand outside of the beard oils and brushes has divided the different products into special lines. Namely the Proraso Red, White, Blue and Green line. Each line is special in its kind and every line is there for a certain type of skin or beard.

Proraso White
The Proraso White line is especially for sensitive skin. During shaving, the skin is naturally loaded enough and the special nourishing composition of the White line ensures that the skin is optimally cared for and soothed, both during and after the shave.

Proraso Red
The Proraso Red line is for men with a rough, firm beard. The composition, which includes Sandalwood, ensures that the hairs are softened, making the shaving of the beard very easy.

Proraso Blue
The Proraso Blue line has an extra moisturizing and protected effect. This shaving line is therefore especially for dry skin. Thanks to the addition of aloe vera and vitamin E, the skin is softened and hydrated.

Proraso Green
Last but not least. The Proraso Green line. All products in the Green line are enriched with eucalyptus and menthol. This special addition in the products ensures a wonderfully unprecedented refreshing feeling during and after shaving. The Green line is available for every type of beard.

A beard

A beard is male. And it has to be shaved now and then, or just updated. Men with beards conquered world parts, men with beards know what they want, men with beards are real men. A beard, in whatever style, is important for a man. It gives radiance; Authority, or just that Nonchalant look. Proraso knows that this is important for the man. Proraso The Art of Shaving.

Customer service and fast delivery

All orders are sent from our logistics warehouse in the middle of the country. Hundreds of packages leave our warehouse on the way to a satisfied customer every day. Also visit our store in Nijkerk! If there are any questions, our customer service staff will be at your service. Our customer service can be reached by telephone on 033 258 43 43.

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