Ted Sparks Candles

Ted Sparks scented candles are now also available from us. They are scented candles that spread a nice scent in your home. The candles have been developed with all kinds of different natural products from all over the world, so that the scented candles spread a nice scent. Because Ted Sparks has traveled all over the world in search of different cultures and inspirations and using the right ingredients for his candles, the best results are created in scents that will surprise you again and again. The scented candles are available in different types, such as a tasty mix of bamboo & peony . The scented candles are also available in different sizes such as Demi, Magnum and Double Magnum. Ted Sparks has ensured that the candles spread a nice scent.

Ted Sparks: The smells

  • White Tea & Chamomile : The scent of a beautiful fresh bouquet of chamomile flowers combined with a touch of Aloe Vera with the aroma of white tea.
  • Bamboo & Peony : This luxurious blend of bamboo and powdery peony is completed with an accent of green tea and exotic lily.
  • Fresh Linen : The refreshing scent of delicious washed laundry, combined with floral notes, tonka beans, musk and fresh lemon.
  • White Cardamom & Vetiver : The richness of Cardamom goes perfectly with Vetiver and creates a pleasant atmosphere in any interior.
  • Green tea & Sage : This fresh and invigorating scent combines a light note of citrus and lemon with a spicy aroma of green tea, rosemary and sage.
  • Moss & Sandalwood : Moss and cedarwood with notes of clove, jasmine and rose. With a hint of sandalwood to create the perfect winter scent.
  • Wood & Musk : A soft and comforting scent with floral and woody aromas that create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in the home. Perfect for the winter season!
  • Birch & Patchouli : This beautiful woody scent is smoky and musky and is a blend of birchwood and patchouli for a wonderful scent that will enchant you.
  • Clove & Incense : This blend of black pepper and cloves, with notes of cedarwood and amber, provides a seductive and refined scent.
  • Amber & Vanilla : Amber adds sweet, woody notes while vanilla adds a lovely creamy scent for a feeling of calm.

Ted Sparks: The sizes

The different sizes of Ted Sparks scented candles are Demi, Magnum and Double Magnum.

  • The Demi size has 1 fuse and is 420 grams. The scented candle has a burn time of 70 hours.
  • The Magnum size has 4 wicks and is 600 grams. The scented candle has a burning time of 50 hours.
  • The Double Magnum size has 3 fuses. The scented candle has a burning time of 100 hours.

Safety instructions Ted Sparks Candles

  • Burn candles out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • Place the burning candles at least 10 centimeters apart.
  • Never place your candle on a flammable surface or near flammable materials.
  • Do not place your candle in an airflow, such as near a radiator or window or doorway. Candles that are exposed to airflow can smoke.
  • Never extinguish your candle with water. This can cause the hot candle wax to splash.
  • Do not place your candle near a heat source such as sunlight or heater. Candles near a heat source can cause sweating. This can cause the laundry to become uneven.
  • Place your candle on a straight surface. Candles that are tilted do not burn evenly and can smoke.
  • Extinguish the candle when it is only 1 cm away from the bottom. The heat development can cause the glass to crack or break.
  • Do not leave a match or other materials in the laundry. This could create a second flame, causing the candle to smoke or not burn evenly.
  • Before use, cut the wick to 0.5 centimeters above the wax.

Use candle

Read the tips below for optimal burning of your candle.

  • To extend the life of your candle, it is important that the candle is only extinguished when the surface has completely melted.
  • Our candles burn best when they can burn continuously for at least 3 hours. Especially during the first burnings, make sure that the surface is completely liquid before the candle is extinguished.
  • Before each use, cut the wick to 0.5 centimeters above the wax.
  • Make sure that you do not place the candle in a stream of air, as this may prevent the candle from burning evenly or causing it to smoke.
  • Clean the inside of the glass regularly to prevent soot formation.
  • Extinguish the candle when only 1 inch of wax remains. Heat against the bottom of the glass can cause the glass to crack.
  • Place the wicks in their original locations before the wax has hardened.

Fast delivery and customer service

All orders are shipped from our logistics warehouse in the center of the country. Hundreds of packages leave our warehouse every day on their way to a satisfied customer.

If you have any questions about a particular product, if you want advice about dyeing your hair, for example, or if you are curious when exactly your package will be delivered, our customer service is ready to help you. They can also tell you more about your favorite products and how they work! Our customer service can be reached by telephone on 033 258 43 43, or via [email protected] .


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