Hair Sculptor

Hair Sculptor

Hair Sculptor is the solution for thin hair in men and thin hair in women! The Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers instantly provide a fuller head. The Hair Sculptor Topic Hair Fibers attach directly to the hair so that there is visible direct result.

Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers attach even faster thanks to the Hair Sculptor Fixing Spray. This Hair Sculptor Fixing Spray should be sprayed over the hair after the Hair Sculptor Building Fibers have been applied. Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers, ideal for thin hair men and thin hair women.

Men with thin hair usually use a shampoo to make the thin hair fuller. This is usually not the right solution. Thin hair in men is directly remedied by Hair Sculptor. Hair Sculptor can also be used by women with visibly thin hair.


Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers

Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers is a fiber powder that attaches directly to the hair. This powder is ideal for very thin hair and / or bald spots. Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers consists of 100% electrostatic cotton fibers. These fibers are developed so that the fibers are pulled through the hair and then will remain in the hair.

Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers resists moisture, light rain and friction of hands through the hair. Serious hair loss and areas that become bald are eliminated thanks to this unique fiber powder.


  • Apply Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers to clean dry hair.
  • Sprinkle the powder on bald spots and massage it over the scalp and through the hair.
  • Then use Hair Sculptor Fixing Spray to optimize fiber absorption.
  • Note: Do not comb or brush in the process!

Hair Sculptor Hair Building Fibers is available in 6 different colors in a 25gr package.


Customer service and fast delivery

All orders are sent from our logistics warehouse in the middle of the country. Hundreds of packages leave our warehouse on the way to a satisfied customer every day. Also visit our store in Nijkerk! If there are any questions, our customer service staff will be at your service. Our customer service can be reached by telephone on 033 258 43 43.

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