Goldwell, a well-known name in the professional hairdressing world. The well-known brand is now being sold in more than forty countries. Goldwell has a wide range of hair care, styling, coloration and transformation. It all started in 1948, with Hans Dotter, this German started with the development and making of a new kind of permanent liquid. Until that time, hair shaping / perming was always a bit cumbersome. The product was given the name Goldwell Ideal. What is derived from the words Gold and Welle, that last word means battle or wave in German. The Golden Curl was born. The name Goldwell was soon given to the company.

Goldwell Goldenspray

Not much later the brand came on the market with the first hair sprays. The hair sprays of Goldwell were so popular that they were given the name Sprühgold, or rather; Goldenspray. To this day, Goldenspray is one of Goldwell's most beloved products.

Goldwell Hair Care

Of course, Goldwell has a wide range of different types of care products. Each with its unique features and benefits. Whether you have colored hair, light, dark, short, long, curly, dry, greasy, damaged, very beautiful or stubborn hair, it is with certainty that Goldwell has the right product. Here under some lines within the brand. Did you know that the most sold product of Goldwell is the Goldwell Lagoom Jam? This fast-drying gel provides an unprecedented hold, has a fresh scent and does what he has to do.

  • Goldwell Dualsenses - A compete care line from Goldwell. Below this line we find different lines that are very good for the scalp. Protect colored hair. Give extra volume. And products for the man.
  • Goldwell Stylesign - All styling products that Goldwell has. From a gel to a hair spray.
  • Goldwell Topchic - Ideal hair coloring. Unprecedented color intensity and result.

Goldwell Hair Dye

Not only is Goldwell very good at making care and styling products. The German brand is also known for its hair dye and hair color. So when looking for a hair color with perfect coverage, the Goldwell Topchic is what you are looking for.

Goldwell Topchic Haircolor Tube

Goldwell Topchic Haircolor Tube is a great color method for perfect results. This color method provides unprecedented intensity and a radiant shine. This amazing hair color from Goldwell Topchic has a lovely fragrance and increased coverage, even on gray hair!

Goldwell Topchic Haircolor Tube contains a patented color molecule that ensures extra long shelf life. The hair color contains Vitamin B and C, and plant extracts.

Goldwell Topchic Haircolor Tube:

  • Perfect coloring
  • Unprecedented intensity
  • Radiant shine
  • Delicious smell
  • Increased coverage (also on gray hair)
  • Extra long color retention
  • Contains Vitamin B and C and plant extracts

Goldwell Topchic Haircolor Tube is available in 94 color nuances, in a 60ml package.


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