BaByliss Pro Titanium Tourmaline

Babyliss Pro Titanium Tourmaline

The warming part of a curling iron, hair straightener or hot air brush is made of a certain type of material. Babyliss Pro has a special styling tool line made of Titanium Tourmaline. This is different from ceramic styling tools. Ceramic plates are cheaper, softer and fine for fine to normal hair. Titanium plates are firmer and suitable for any hair type.

What is Titanium Tourmaline?
Tourmaline is a rock that is ground and then mixed with titanium. The heat of the tool is gradually distributed over the plates. The plates hold the heat well and quickly warm up. Due to the gradual heat distribution, each hair on the head benefits from as much heat. If the plate becomes very warm in one place and in the other place hardly or not, this does not benefit the health and the model of the hair.

Why Titanium Tourmaline plates?
The biggest advantage of Titanium Tourmaline plates is that the styling tool can be used often without damaging the hair. The plates ensure an even spread of heat, which reduces the damage to the hair and has an anti-frizz effect on the hair. The plates contain negative ions. These ions ensure that the hair becomes less static and gives it a smoother effect. Even if you use the styling tool less often, a titanium tourmaline coating is less harmful than any other coating. A heat resistant spray is always recommended.
Babyliss Pro Titanium Tourmaline

A ceramic coating wears much faster. If the styling tool is worn out, the hair is exposed to the underlay of the styling tool. In the past this was often plastic, but nowadays it is often aluminum. The moment your styling tool has had its best time, it is recommended to replace the tool. The hair will damage more quickly and the benefits of extra shine and anti-frizz are no longer applied to the hair.

The heat of the styling tool with Titanium Tourmaline plates
The styling tool is directly on temperature with an even distribution. This will treat the hair from the inside. The moisture balance in the hair is retained thanks to the negative ions. This ensures a shiny and smooth result.

Negative ions in the styling tool
Titanium Tourmaline plates contain negatively charged ions. The hair naturally has positive ions. These are electrically charged cargoes. The positive ions ensure that the scales are open. This creates fluffy hair, something that is not desired. The negative ions cancel the positive ions. This will close the scales again. The moisture in the hair therefore remains in the hair and is retained. Fluffy hair becomes smooth again and gets a nice shine.

The advantages of Titanium Tourmaline:

  • The plates last a very long time
  • The hair is shiny and smooth
  • Gradual temperature distribution
  • Warms up quickly
  • Suitable for every hair type
  • Goes against her
  • Protects the hair from the heat
  • Moisture balance is maintained

The use of a styling tool with Titanium Tourmaline plates does not mean that the hair is not damaged at all. A heat-resistant spray therefore remains a recommended aid.

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Titanium Tourmaline

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