American Crew Shave

A beard is male. American Crew knows that too. Men with beards conquered parts of the world, bearded men know what they want, men with beards are real men. A beard, in any style, therefore, is important for a man. It gives radiance; Authority, or just that Casual   look.

American Crew knows that this is important for the man. Therefore, the man finds on   Therefore what is needed for your beard and all that goes with it. Of shaving cream / oil and shaving brushes, up to and including razors. American Crew 'The Art of Shavinbg.

Due to the shaving products from American Crew is a shave brought back to its essence. In this way, shaving the beard, the beard be brought back to the essence of shaving!

The American Crew Shave products!

Of course, America Crew understands that shaving the beard or facial hair, as one of the men as a pair of scissors at a hairdresser. For in the way of shaving all wish to meet AMC has developed some great products that both, as can also be used after shaving. There is for example the American Crew Post Shaving Lotion, a delicious after-shave, which soothe the skin after shaving, leaving the skin after shaving will be taken care intensive.

Of course it is also important while shaving to think the skin, because the skin may even already have something to endure during a shave. Therefore, for example, American Crew Precision Shave Gel created. This ensures that the shaving skin optimally is taken care of while shaving, and thanks to the particular formula of this product will be the blade simply and easily glide over the skin.

AMC closed its gewelidge product line with some shaving foams in a classic way to ensure that is optimally hydrated and nourishes the skin. Razor will silky glide over the skin and does not miss a single hair.

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