fudge Professional

In the nineties, the founder of Fudge stepped into a piece of gum on the ground in Australia. Thanks to this something nasty incident, he then came up with the idea for a styling product   develop different hairstyles which was strong yet flexible. The product which is thus Own Creation is the Fudge Hairshaper. Later is Fudge Hairshaper become the most famous, popular and best styling product from Fudge Professional!


Meanwhile, Fudge Professional one of the largest and most famous brands when it comes to the area of care and styling. The range includes various products that range from a conditioner to a hairspray. Fudge is known for its unique shape, the sleek design of their packaging. The well-known and distinctive orange color is everywhere. Not only the packaging is special, the products and their can. The distinctive fresh fragrances are with both care and also the styling products unique and contemporary. This allows the products Fudge Professional getting just that little bit more character it!

With the products from Fudge everyone develops an individual look.
When Fudge one is convinced that if everyone would look the same, we would be tired when we look at each other. Individuality and originality are very important in the products Fudge.

"Be true to yourself, decide what you want. Creating your own personality and character gives strength." Thus, the creative director of Fudge John Vial. Fudge continues to work in the field of creativity, so the Brit Awards sponsored fudge and fudge has worked with renowned photographers and fashion designers.

Fudge Professional products are of very high quality and are not tested on animals.

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