Joico brand


Joico is led by Sarah Jones, a well-known in the industry with over 30 years experience. She began her career as a hairdresser and began to give. Soon trainings Eventually they moved on to senior positions in various large companies. With the backdrop of Jones it has a unique vision to the needs of the consumer. Joico believes in offering quality products combined with education.

The Joico line includes quality products like Joico Daily Care , consisting of only the finest ingredients. Innovation is highly valued by Joico to meet. to the constantly increasing demands of consumers

supported the salons with the latest pioneering techniques in order to continue to improve the products. Whether you are in the salon or at home using products Joico, Joico brings out the best. In your hair After 30 years of Joico products are sold in over 65 countries worldwide.

Joico products are extensively tested to ensure safety. Joico products are not tested on animals. Further, the company makes use of subjects. is a hairdresser site with a wide range of hair care products. Both for consumers and professionals. If you order before 15:00, the product is shipped the same day (if in stock). guarantees prompt delivery and lowest prices of the Netherlands.

We have a large warehouse and shop in the middle of the country where you also can pick your ordered products. Here is always someone who can help you with all your questions. Hairdressers Our specialty is located at the second Voerstlaantje Nijkerk. Our customer service can be reached at 033 258 43 43 telephone.

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