Kay Color

Kay Color

Kay Color is known for its beautiful colors. Kay Color offers a variety of beautiful colors. These can all be found on the Kay Color Color Chart . Here are more than 50 beautiful colors on a beautiful card.

Colours Kay Color Cream contain include many vitamins, oils and natural pigments. Due to the extra vitamin E in the Kay Color Cream get your hair perfect color ensures a perfect result. Due to the natural products in the cream color will be maintained long. The Kay Color Cream is applied in combination with hydrogen.

Would you not use hydrogen peroxide, then the Color Kay Kay Direct the product for you.'s Kay Direct will deliver an immediate gorgeous color accents. In combination with the right shampoo, you can also Kay Kay Color Direct use again to refresh. Dye your hair all your hairstyle will get a nice healthy glow.

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We have a large warehouse and a large shop in the middle of the country where you also can pick your ordered products. Here is always someone who can help you with all your questions. Hairdressers Our specialty is located at the second Voerstlaantje Nijkerk. Our customer service can be reached at 033 258 43 43 telephone.

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