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CHI is a brand that is increasing tremendously in popularity especially in recent years is part of CHI Farouk Systems, this is an American company that focuses on the professional hair care CHI's product range is extensive and now includes:.. Hair dye , shampoos, conditioners, curling irons, hair straighteners and hair dryers. All CHI products is that they are of high quality and technologically innovative.

CHI is part of Farouk Systems and was founded by Farouk Shami. Many hairdressers and clients were very affected by the chemistry needed for coloring hair. It was Farouk Shami who first put together hair color without ammonia and PPD beautiful hair coloring guaranteed .

By this invention, it became possible for people who were sensitive to the chemistry of the traditional hair dye anyway to dye their hair. But even hairdressers who could not withstand the very chemical hair dye had benefited. They could just dye again with CHI without all kinds of allergic reactions.

CHI is now impossible to think of the market. With the many top class products and the very wide range preclude its products Chi fully rooted in hairdressing.

And CHI continues to innovate. Recently CHI with a whole line Keratin come on the market that has also been hailed best known products from CHI:. infra shampoo, ammonia-free hair dye, CHI Silk Infusion, nano ceramic straightener.
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