Orofluido is a mix of three precious oils: linseed Mediterranean, Moroccan argan oil, and Cipresolie.

In Morocco, the Berber women already protected hair with argan oil. Moroccan argan oil is also known as the liquid gold of the desert. This oil is extracted from the Argania Spinosa fruit. This oil has been a beauty secret of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt.
Mediterranean linseed closes the cuticle and softens the hair. The linseed oil creates shiny hair.
Cipresolie comes from Cipresplant in Egypt. The Cipresplant has been cultivated for over 4,000 years in Egypt. Cipresolie restored and strengthens your hair and makes it smooth. The mix of these three oils makes Orofluido unique and wonderful brand!

Orofluido offers hair care for, based on ancient beauty rituals. Orofluido shampoo leaves the hair shining example to tip and the Orofluido Beauty Elixir creates silky hair.

Orofluido is quickly absorbed into the hair without weighing it down and creates soft, airy and smooth shiny hair. Mystical scent of amber and vanilla stimulates the senses and reminiscent of oriental beauty.

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