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Sibel is a large and well-known brand around the world. Sibel is part of Sinelco. Sinelco also manages ultron and bobtuo, among other things. Sinelco International has been producer and supplier of Sibel, Ultron and Bob Tuo products for more than 60 years. Sinelco offers professional material to wholesalers who are meant for hairdressers and beauticians.

Through an extensive network of distributors, the own brands Sibel, Ultron and Bob Tuo are distributed and delivered all over Europe. Sinelco (and so Sibel has offices in Ronse (Belgium), Amancy (France) and Villanova di Bagnacavallo (Italy).

Sibel Assortment

Everything for the hair salon and more. In a hairdresser's salon, whether big or small, many products are used every day. In addition to a hairdresser's scissors, there are also many items and materials needed to practice the traditional hairdressing profession. Etuis, a scissors holster , a hood or a neck brush, it is all equally important. Sibel has it all. There is a small selection from the Sibel assortment at In addition to these handy hairdressing articles, the brand also has practice heads. The Sibel practice heads have been praised for decades for their high quality and the feel of real hair.

Sibel Practice Heads

Of course you do not get the hairdressing profession under control. Cutting, cutting and hair styling is a special task. Of course you have to practice on that. Practice is best done with practice heads of the highest quality. Preferably, of course, with a practice head whose hair comes closest to reality. Sibel has a large range of exercise heads in different hair lengths and hair colors.

Of course, a practice head is also a very nice and original birthday sint or Christmas present. Of course not as fun as a child (or parent) is nice to be with the hair of a practice head. A beautiful braiding, freelance, hair raising a pigtail in it, everything is possible and remains a fun activity.

Practice heads are actually very easy to divide into three different types, there are practice heads with real hair, training heads with synthetic hair and exercise heads that have a mix of real hair and synthetic hair.

Practice heads with real hair

That actually says enough. Practice heads with real hair really have hair. The hairs on this exercise head are treated and dyed in a special way so that they can last for a long time. Real hair of course has the advantage that most comes close to real hair. Real hair can also endure a bit more heat from, for example, a straightener than synthetic hair. All practice heads also undergo a purification process for the perfect hygiene. In general, training heads with real hair are slightly more expensive than training heads with synthetic hair.

Practice heads with synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is not really hair, but comes as close as possible. This hair looks so much like real hair that it can be done with (almost) everything. Braiding, cutting, styling, hair stitching or cutting, it's all possible. Synthetic hair is a lot cheaper. The hairs on the practice heads are implanted per hair according to a certain pattern that comes as close as possible to real hair growth.

Practice heads with real and synthetic hair

These practice heads have a mix of real hair and syntetic hair. The advantage is that the look and feel of the practice head are very close to reality. The training heads undergo 7 purification baths for perfect hygiene. As with the other species, the hair is implanted per piece according to a growth pattern and density so that the hair feels like real hair.

Customer service and fast delivery

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