• KIS Hair dye KeraCream 100ML
  • KIS Hair dye KeraCream 100ML
  • KIS Hair dye KeraCream 100ML

KIS Hair dye KeraCream 100ML

KIS KeraCream Colors great hair dye perfect coverage. KIS KeraCream Colors 100% coverage!
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KIS Hair dye KeraCream

KIS KeraCream Colors is an easy to apply color product to optimally color your hair. The formula of KIS KeraCream Colors provides coloring with 100% coverage at 3% hydrogen peroxide. This formula gives the hair extra shine and a longer shelf life of the paint.

KIS KeraCream Colors line consists of a color palette with no fewer than 84 colors. The collection consists only of high-quality products. Each product promises intensive color that stays beautiful for a long time and strengthens and protects the hair.

These coloring products are all enriched with the unique Keratin Infusion System, KIS for short. All KIS Kappers products, from shampoo to hair coloring, are enriched with this system. This system repairs the hair from within. KIS KeraCream Colors therefore guarantees not only beautiful colors, but also healthy and strong hair.

The Keracream Colors

Each Keracream color number consists of a number and a letter. These represent the color height and the color group. The color height is indicated in a number. 1 (black) is the darkest color height and 10 (ultra light blonde) the lightest. The color group indicates the color direction, for example N = Natural color, G = Gold and K = Copper.

  Color direction / Color group  
A = As RK = R ed K oper GI = G old I ntensief
K = K oper H = H azelnut RV = V R ed iolet
MN = M at N ature R = R ed KG = K oper G old
T = T abak G = G old C = C assis
N = N ature CB = C chocolate B gelding KB = K oper B London
RT = R ed T abak B = B eige F = F antasia
E = E spresso RM = R ed M ahonie  

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KIS Kappers KeraCream Colors is available in a 100ml package in the following color nuances:

1N Black 6A Dark Ash Blonde 7MN Medium Matte Blond 9MN Very Light Matte Blonde
2C Dark Blonde Cassis 6CB Dark Chocolate Blonde 7N Medium Blonde 9N Very Light Blonde
2N Brown 6E Dark Blonde Espresso 7R Light Red 9K Extra Light Copper
3N Dark brown 6G Dark Golden Blonde 7RK Medium Red Copper Blonde 10.00 Neutral
4C Middle Cassis 6KB Dark Copper Blonde 7RT Medium Red Tobacco 10FZ Silver Gray
4CB Medium Chocolate Brown 6KG Dark Copper Golden Blonde 7RV Light Red Violet 10FP Pearl Blonde
4E Medium Brown Espresso 6MN Dark Matte Blonde 7T Light Tobacco 10N Extra Light Blonde
4G Medium Brown Gold 6N Dark blond 8A Light Ash Blonde 10S Super Light Blonde
4N Medium brown 6H Dark Hazelnut Blonde 8B Light Beige 10NT Super Ash Blonde
4RM Dark Red Mahogany 6R Red 8FG Golden Blonde 10SG Super Golden Blonde
5A Light Ash brown 6KR Dark Red Copper Blonde 8G Light Golden Blonde 10SP Super Platinum Blonde
5C Cassis 6RM Light Red Mahogany 8GI Light Golden Blonde Intensive 12FB Ultra-Light Fantasy Beige
5CB Light Chocolate Brown 6RT Dark Red Tobacco 8K Light Copper 12FV Ultra-Light Fantasy Violet
5E Light Brown Espresso 6RV Red Violet 8KB Light Copper Blonde 12PA Ultralight Pearl Ash
5G Light Golden Brown 6T Medium Tobacco 8KG Light Copper Golden Blonde Mix Yellow
5H Light hazelnut brown 7A Medium Ash Blonde 8MN Light Matte Blonde Mix Green
5KB Copper Hazelnut 7E Medium Blonde Espresso 8N Light Blonde Mix Red
5KG Dark Copper Golden Brown 7FZ 8R Flaming Red Mix Blue
5MN Light Matte Brown 7G Medium Golden Blonde 8RT Light Red Tobacco Mix Violet
5N Light brown 7GI Medium Golden Blonde Intensive 9B Very Light Beige Color Booster - Red
5RK Light Red Copper Brown 7H Medium Hazelnut Blonde 9FP Very Light Rose Blonde Color Booster - Orange
5RM Medium Red Mahogany 7K Medium Copper 9FS Swedish Blonde Color Booster - Violet
5RV Dark Red Violet 7KB Medium Copper Blonde 9G Very Light Golden Blonde Neutral
5T Dark Tobacco 7KG Medium Copper Golden Blonde 9GI Very Light Golden Blonde Intensive  


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