Kerastase Discipline

Kerastase Discipline

For unruly curled hair that can use some extra elasticity and definition. Kerastase has developed products with the Discipline line that keep the hair perfectly in shape while it is optimally cared for. The perfect movement of curled hair; The core of Discipline is the combination of Pro keratin with hydrolysed elastin. These unique properties tame the hair, ensure that fluffy hair is prevented and the hair becomes elastic.

Hair can be damaged by various causes. One is for example heat, that of styling tools such as hair straighteners, hair dryer and curling tongs. The Keratase Discipline products protect the hair from the damaging heat of styling tools. Fluffy and unruly hair is nourished and cared for. Hair becomes smooth and manageable, gets a nice shine and is cleaned.


Kerastase: The Benefits

What can the products of Discipline be used for? For example, with Sensitive Unruly Hair?
Sensitively unruly hair can be corrected with Kerastase Discipline in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Cleaning

  • Start with the Kerastase Discipline Buin Fuidealiste Sulfate Free Shampoo. This sulphate free shampoo has a rich foaming effect that cleans both the hair and the scalp in a gentle way without affecting the natural balance of the hair and the scalp.

Step 2: Take care

  • The Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine is the product to use to give the unruly hair the optimal care. This hair mask is enriched with keratin. The hair is supplied from the hair fiber. Thanks to the special effect of the hair mask, the hair gets an unprecedented smoothness, and a beautiful natural shine.

Step 3: Texturize

  • To protect and style the hair there is the Kerastase Discipline Keratine Thermique. This smoothing anti-fluff hair milk protects the unruly hair against the heat of styling tools and also against high humidity. The hair gets a nice smooth appearance and a beautiful shine. Curls get extra body and definition.

Fast delivery and Customer service
All products ordered before 8:00 PM are delivered the next day. From our warehouse in Nijkerk the package quickly find its way. Should there still be questions about a certain product, for example what the Kerastase Discipline Curl Oleo does exactly, that can always be contacted with our customer service. Of course they are also ready for other questions.

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