Kadus Visible Repair Duo Pack

Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo nourishes and repairs damaged hair. Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo cleanses the hair mild. Order now Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo!
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Kadus Visible Repair Duo Pack

Kadus Visible Repair Duo Pack includes the Visible Kadus Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Repair Express.

Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo:

Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo is a shampoo that instantly repairs damaged hair. The salon exclusive formula Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo not only repairs the damaged hair but also feeds directly while it gently cleanses.   Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo gives the hair a smoother, proportional structure with extra shine.

Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo is designed to work with chemically treated, porous, and damaged hair. The Radialux micro-ions in Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo by damaged parts of the hair instantly attracted and restore structure and the surface of the hair.

The greater the damage of the hair, the more Radialux Micro-ions are included. By Kadus Visible Repair Shampoo, hair is conditioned and protected from root to tip, leaving hair silky, shiny and easy to comb.

Kadus Visible Express Repair Conditioner:

Visible Express Repair Conditioner Kadus Professional, a conditioner that nourishes the hair and repairs damaged hair again and ultimately strengthens again. The conditioner gives the hair extra shine and a silky feel!

Kadus Professional Visible Express Repair Conditioner is suitable for all hair types. The principal components in Visible Express Repair Conditioner are proteins, silk and almond oils. These ingredients make Kadus Visible Express Repair Conditioner so unique. It nourishes the hair very well. So you can say that this is a true allrounder!

Kadus Visible Repair Duo pack consists of a 250ml shampoo and conditioner 200ml.
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