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  • Viviere Hair Powder + Free Boosting Spray.

Viviere Hair Powder + Free Boosting Spray.

Viviere hair powder, immediately makes a fuller head of hair. Simple and economical to use. Now with the Boosting Spray free as an introduction. Save € 12.90 extra!
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Viviere Hair Powder.

The safest and most natural way (too) thin to disappear. Hair Not a spray, cream or something. Viviere hair powder is an amazing new complex of tiny microfibers that blend with your own hair. Without this being visible. Viviere hair powder fibers are made from organic Keratin protein as well as your own hair., You immediately see that the hair is much fuller, more natural than you could ever imagine.


You see your hair to be fuller in 20-30 seconds

Viviere hair powder has to spend to keep the powder vial. Above the thin part of your hair is very easy to Then shake slightly. In seconds, thousands of tiny hair fibers will match your hair color, mix with your own hair. Through electrostatic bond the fibers to the hair so that they stay in place. After applying equally lightly beat with your fingertips to distribute the fibers. Well The Viviere boosting spray ensures that you can feel, even in rain and wind. Definitely 100%

How do I use Viviere hair powder?

  • Wash your hair and bring it into shape,
  • Dry your hair, Viviere hair powder can only be applied to dry hair
  • Sprinkle the powder on her Viviere desired areas until the scalp is no longer visible
  • Restyle your hair gently with a superficial brush or wide toothed comb, not brush too hard
  • Once the fibers have made you treat your hair with the Viviere boosting spray, keep this a distance of 30-40cm in
  • In bad weather, you have 30 seconds, a nice full head of hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • His hair fibers Viviere easy to wash out? Yes, just wash with normal shampoo, just like you always wash your hair.
  • What are Viviere hair fibers? Viviere fibers are developed vegetable fibers that attach to each hair strand and thereby enlarged 4 times the volume of your hair.
  • Do the fibers stuck in the hair? Yes. You must use Viviere BOOSTING SPRAY to secure the fibers. Use the fibers to dry hair!
  • For example, can I use wax or hair spray after applying the fibers? Absolutely, bring the fibers first before you bring your hair into a wax model, for example, then turn the fibers stuck with Viviere BOOSTING SPRAY
  • How long will a 22 gram Viviere spot it? It is about 30-60 days, it depends on the amount you use.
  • Has Viviere hair fibers affect normal hair growth? No, it does not affect the natural growth of your hair.
  • Give the fibers off? No. They are easy to bust up for example if they end up on the clothes or skin away.

Viviere hair powder is a natural product that will amaze you. Many people with thinning hair have gone before you. Try it and you'll be surprised!

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