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  • KIS Smoother

KIS Smoother

Kis Smoother Styling for the people who are wearing crochet or crochet hair.
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Kis Smoother Styling

What's to be said about being a super handy product! Kis Smoother Styling works great for those who occasionally suffer from curly or crown hair. The Kis Smoother Styling eliminates the curls between the washings and you do not have any more trouble.

It equals, creates a beautiful and natural luster and gives a delicious suppleness through the botanical ingredients, from all markets at home you can call the Kis Smoother Styling so!

For those who fear that there are chemical substances, feel free to put them in. The hair is not damaged by it, on the contrary it is perfect for the hair!


  • Apply a little Kis Smoother Styling to towel-dry hair.
  • Then dry by means of the hair dryer for an additional piece of effect.
  • Or let it dry naturally for natural look.

Kis Smoother Styling is available in a handy 200 ml tube.

Kis Smoother Styling

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