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  • KIS Keramen Pom8
  • KIS Keramen Pom8

KIS Keramen Pom8

KIS KAPPERS Keramom Pom8, for a firm and flexible fix.
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KIS Keramen Pom8

KIS introduces a new pomade, the KIS Keramen Pom8. This sturdy and flexible KIS Keramen Pom8 makes your hair shiny. KIS Keramen Pom8 contains a delicious man perfume that makes for a delicious scent. This perfume is specially made for KIS KAPPPERS.

Properties of KIS Keramen Pom8:
  • A light shiny Pom8
  • Sturdy and flexible fixation
  • Easy to wash
  • Contains it specially KIS created men's perfume

Give a man what he deserves: KIS Keramen Pom8!

KIS Keramen Pom8 comes in a 150ml package.

KIS Keramen Pom8

Heerlijk spul, vooral voor wanneer je haar vast zit. Het blijft strak in model

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