• Imperity Anti-Greasy / anti-fat hair VIAL 10 x 10ml

Imperity Anti-Greasy / anti-fat hair VIAL 10 x 10ml

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Imperity Anti-Greasy Hair Lotion Vial

Imperity Anti-Greasy Hair Lotion contains bioactive substances from
marine plants (Laminaria saccharina). This will regulate the overproduction of fat on the scalp. It has a sterilizing effect, and normalizes the production of sebum.

Also, you naturally want to get rid of that miserable oily hair. There is really doing anything definitively. Treat your scalp with Imperity Professional Anti-Greasy Hair Lotion VIAL treatment and you are relieved of its fat.

With the use of Imperity Anti-Greasy Hair Lotion Vial cools the hair and creates silk hair soft again. The skin is hydrated while hair is thicker and fuller.

Active effects:
  • Has cooling effect
  • Soften
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Makes hair thicker / fuller
  • acts as an antioxidant


  • This lotion you should apply on the scalp and then massage gently.
  • You will after just a few treatments all the difference. The advice is to use the ampoules the day. (Maximum of 3 times per weather)

Anti greasy hair / Anti Greasy treatment is delivered in a box of 10 capsules.

Imperity Vial is also available as Reconstruction treatment for restoring damaged hair Anti-Dandruff / anti-dandruff treatment and Anti-Hair Loss / Anti-hair loss treatment.

Mijn zoon had altijd super veel last van een hele vette hoofdhuid. Zijn hoofdkussen kon ik bijna elke week wel wassen. En hij gebruikte geeneens een gel. Sinds kort gebruikt hij de anti greasy capsules. Zijn haar is nu vele malen minder vet. Wat zowel voor hem als voor mij een hele grote opluchting is!

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Anti-Greasy / anti-fat hair VIAL 10 x 10ml

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