• Fudge Liquid Erekt 150 ml

Fudge Liquid Erekt 150 ml

Fudge Liquid Erekt spray gel for styling hair.
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Fudge Liquid Erekt

Fudge Liquid Erekt is a heat-responsive gel ontkrult hair. That means that the hair from heat, for example, a hair dryer or straightener protects, so this medium hollow gel ensures pefect gesteiled her. This gel keeps unruly hair under control moisture balance and makes the hair smooth.

Fudge Liquid Erekt has a soothing effect on the scalp and is enriched with cherry bark and burdock. Fudge Liquid Erekt has a shiny and silky smooth finish. Fudge Liquid Erekt has fixation factor 6 and a lovely fresh peppermint scent.

How it all began ..
In the nineties, the founder of Fudge stepped on a piece of gum on the ground in Australia. Through this something unpleasant incident, he then came up with the idea to develop a styling product for different hairstyles which was strong yet flexible! From this thought well Fudge Fudge has evolved into what is now!

Fudge How Use:


  • Divide Fudge Liquid Erekt evenly from root to ends by the hair.
  • Comb hair thoroughly.
  • Blow dry


Fudge Liquid Erekt is available in a 150ml container.

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Perfect om pluizig haar stijl te maken, ik gebruik het elke dag!

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