• Framesi FramColor Optics Honey

Framesi FramColor Optics Honey

Framesi Framcolor Optics Honey, professional color conditioner. Framesi FramColor Honey, order fast and cheap. Framesi, now on HairandBeautyonline.com
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Framesi FramColor Optics Honey

Framesi presents Framcolor Optics, professional color conditioners that refresh the hair color, which preserves the vibrancy of color!

Framesi Framcolor Optics Grapefruit takes care of the hair thanks to the perfect conditioning ingredients that feed the hair and make the surface smooth and shiny.

Framcolor Optics is based on formulas rich in pigments and conditioners for vibrant and intense colors. It gives a great visible effect, with vibrant colors and that in just 5 minutes.

The Framesi FramColor Optics line consists of the following products:

  • Strawberry - for red tones
  • Blueberry - for purple tones
  • Melon - for copperish tones
  • Chocolate - for hot chestnut shades
  • Cinnamon - For Red Titanium Shades
  • Honey - for blond tones
  • Grapefruit - for mahogany red
  • Grapefruit - Universal Refreshment

The Framesi FramColor Optics Honey is available in a 180ml package.

Framesi Framcolor Optics Honey

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