Tigi Hair Mask

By Tigi can of course also go for hair masks. A hair mask gives hair that extra bit more attention and care. back with a hair mask Tigi gets her his old vigor and vivacity and gets her lush body, look and feel.

For the most intensive care can also go to Tigi. Tigi Masks are there for different hair types. For damaged and dull to dull and dry, for all its problems or its type, there's a Tigi hair mask. The hair color retain or freshen longer? Use the Tigi Colour Goddess Mask! Looking for intensive care for damaged hair? Then Tigi Ressurection Mask is exactly what they are looking for!

What is a (Tigi) hair mask?

A hair mask is a nourishing treatment for the hair.
Your hair often have to endure, such as wind, rain, cold and UV rays coming from the sun. If your hair is dull and / or fluffy and needs a boost of energy, is a hair mask great. Conditioner has almost the same effect as a hair mask, but a hair mask, especially that of Tigi nourish the hair more intense and make the hair soft and give it a gorgeous volume!

Tigi fun facts:

The famous brand Tigi was founded by Anthony Mascolo
Anthony Mascolo grandfather was a barber and Anthony learned the trade from him
Toni and Guy Mascolo brothers Anthony ..
It called Tigi is borrowed, the first letters of the names Tony and Guy: T & G TIGI

Speed (Tigi) delivery
All orders are sent from our logistics warehouse in the middle of the country. Hundreds of packages daily leave our warehouse on the way to a satisfied customer. Also visit our shop in Nijkerk! Our customer's phone be reached at 033 258 43 43

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