La Riche

La Riche

Since 1981, La Riche Directions is a well known name in the world of hair coloring. The question of the "extreme" hair coloring products from La Riche growing. The bright products of La Riche Directions perfectly match the color contemporary culture. Increasingly vaken we see a wide variety of hair colors. The range continues to grow and the products are today sold on all over the world.

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La Riche Directions is a semi-permanent hair color, executed in very different extreme bright (crazy) colors. The pigments in the hair coloring product make a very striking hairstyle as possible. The colors of La Riche Directions Colours can be easily applied to natural hair and natural tones, still the best and most optimal result the colors of La Riche can best be applied to bleached hair!

It is possible to mixable for the very wide range of colors from La Riche. In this way creates colors that are unique, contemporary and original. For the best and most long-lasting results, apply the paint to very light blonde and chemically treated (bleached) hair.

By addition of the white toner, it is even possible to create pastel colors. The hair coloring is ready for use, no hydrogen peroxide should be added. That makes the color of the hair of course a lot easier! La Riche is constantly working to bring to market new colors and tones, it is certainly true to monitor this brand!

A Top Tip: If you already colored your hair and the color you want just extra well preserved you can for example La Riche Directions Colour Protecting Shampoo or La Riche Directions Colour Protecting Conditioner try!

The products of La Riche Directions are not tested on animals.

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