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KIS Kappers' Keratin Infusion System.

KIS Kappers is the brand behind the development of the 'Keratin Infusion System, better known as the KIS formula. The formula restores hair in a revolutionary way from within. The premise of KIS is to restore the hair, with minimal aggravation by a cosmetic layer. This results in beautifully shiny and voluminous full hair.

The hair is made up of moisture, minerals, and keratin protein. Research has shown that if there occurs in keratin in the hair defect, sucks her extra water. As a result of the sucked up water is the heavier and lose its volume. This technique is the basis of the formula-KIS.

Keratin molecules that are found in traditional products are too heavy to penetrate the hair inside and recount from the inside. These molecules will only an aggravating and non-healing layer around the hair making sure the volume decreases.

Obviously the formula of Keratin Infusion System 'on all KIS Hairdressers products used for maximum care.

The formula for the KIS KIS Hairdressers Care - and styling products has been developed in America. The United States is in fact the place to be when it comes to knowing about restoring hair.

Hairdressers KIS has to develop. Their hair coloring products in Europe This results in beautiful colors, great gray coverage and long lasting results. is a hairdresser site with a wide range of hair care products. Both for consumers and professionals. If you order before 15:00, the product is shipped the same day (if in stock). guarantees prompt delivery and lowest prices   Netherlands.

We have a large warehouse and a large shop in the middle of the country where you also can pick your ordered products. Here is always someone who can help you with all your questions. Hairdressers Our specialty is located at the second Voerstlaantje Nijkerk. Our customer service can be reached at 033 258 43 43 telephone.

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