Herbalicea Garlic Shampoo

Herbalicea, Garlic Shampoo is famous for its purifying effect, once you use it, you feel the tingling of the scalp.

Meet the new, 100% natural and odorless garlic shampoo HERBALICEA: enriches the miraculous effect of garlic with vitamins and a variety of herbal extracts such as aloe vera, chamomile, nettle and sage ...

A small change in your daily routine, which soon will make a huge difference ...

This shampoo is composed of a natural product, has an anti-oxidising agent, which is free of radicals and substances such as alcohol, silicone, paraffin wax and perfume.

Allicin is a natural antibiotic that cleanses the scalp, hair roots and hair follicles. Sulfur component of Keratin gives your hair roots and re-power.
No garlic smell! You want also not surrounded all day by that characteristic garlic smell.

Therefore Herbalicea developed a unique method to extract the active compounds from the plant and keep cell membranes. Intact So you can enjoy all the goodness of garlic, without disturbing odor.
Herbalicea, Garlic Shampoo is famous for its purifying effect.

Choose for nature and forever say goodbye to lying about hair, bald spots, greasy, lifeless, thin or damaged hair ...

Visible results after just 5 days!

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