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Biosilk Color Therapy

Of course we all want newly colored hair remains beautiful as long as possible. Professional hair care products from Biosilk Color Therapy sure exactly this. Thanks to the carefully selected ingredients in this hair product, only remain stained or colored hair longer. Colours will be longer rays and the hair is taken care of at the same time, protects and hydrated. In other words, Biosilk Color Therapy line ensures perfect care with optimal color retention.

How it works

Color Fading can occur through the hair for example with a normal shampoo is washed in ordinary shampoos are ingredients that are able to ensure that only thus dyed hair quickly dull the colors will shine less. Another adverse factor is the sun. The UV rays of our big yellow friend, can help to ensure that the hair from drying out and radiate less let the color shine. This is obviously not the intention. Therefore Biosilk has developed the Color Therapy line.

These products allow the hair to protect, for example, UV radiation. The Color Therapy Biosilk products help to keep that a protective layer around the hair result of which the rays of the sun do not affect the hair. At the same time the ingredients as Maracuja sure that the color during the washing of the hair is not, or in any case less blurs.

So if one wants to enjoy more vivid colors, it is advisable to use dedicated products that make the color last longer as it was intended to. The complete professional care line consisting of a shampoo , a conditioner , a hair mask , and a leave in treatment, make Biosilk Color Therapy complete!

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