Babyliss Pro Krulset

Looking for a Babyliss Pro Krulset? This is the hair styling tool of top hair stylists over the world. The ideal tool for gorgeous curls. The sets are very fast temperature and perfect for beautiful curls in a safe level. Thanks to the velvety coating of the rollers, they slide easily through the hair. The curls stay very long in the hair.

Before you start with the Babyliss Pro Krulset
It is important that the krulset in the right way, is used for best results. It is important that the hair is thoroughly dry before the set is used. Otherwise the curls disappear immediately from the hair. Let the set warm up before the rollers are rotated in the hair. Remove the rollers from the hair when they are cooled down. This gives you years of pleasure from the beautiful curls.

Using the Babyliss Pro Krulset
First, grab a lock of hair, the thickness depends on the result you want to create. Turn the lock of hair around the hot roller. Rotate the roller to the haarzet and start at the tip of the hair. Set the roller solid with one of the hair clips. The duration of the roller in the hair is dependent on the outcome, the longer the better. It is important that the roller is removed as it is completely cooled. Use the cool shot function of the set to cool down the rollers and to fix the curl.

The result with the Babyliss Pro Krulset

For a natural result, turn the rollers in different ways in the hair. The deployment of the rollers is not very close, so do not be afraid to experiment. For example, extract several locks of hair and twist them around the rollers. Picking for beachy waves, get thicker. For tight curls, use thinner slices. These can fix your ideal with hairspray.

Supplied with the Babyliss Pro Krulset
The Babyliss Pro Roller set is made of durable titanium with a ceramic coating. This makes the hair is well protected from the heat of styling tools. A heat-resistant spray remains recommended. The set comes with connectors and clips. The rollers are covered with a velvet coating. This allows them to slide easily into the hair.

Fast delivery
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Babyliss Pro Krulset
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