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Alpecin is the shampoo brand for men. These products counter male baldness and hair loss. Thanks to the effective complex of caffeine, zinc and niacin, the productivity of the hair roots is increased. The products are available in various variants without a prescription. The hair grows faster and hair loss is prevented.

Alpecin and hereditary hair loss

Alpecin counteracts early, hereditary hair loss. Hereditary hair loss is caused by the hormone dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This substance is derived from the sex hormone testosterone. In some men the hair follicles react hypersensitively to the DHT hormone. As a result, the hair follicles are slowly shriveled with the result that the hair will fall out and bare spots become visible.

The use of Alpecin

Using Alpecin is very easy. The shampoos are suitable for daily use. Use a small amount and then massage well over the hair. Leave the shampoo in for about 3 minutes. Then rinse the shampoo thoroughly. The lotion should be applied to towel dry hair after washing. Massage the liquid into the scalp. Do not rinse out the lotion. After application, the hair can be styled as desired. The products must be used permanently for the best result.

Alpecin and side effects

In principle, all Alpecin products can be used without side effects. However, the active substances in the shampoos can irritate a sensitive scalp. You can then suffer from itching or red spots. We recommend contacting a doctor if there are permanent side effects.

Caffeine complex in Alpecin

The caffeine complex in the Alpecin products contains an active formula of caffeine, vitamin A, zinc and niacin. These components penetrate deeply through the hair shaft in the hair root to effectively address the problem. Visible result after 120 seconds! The special complex even helps to prevent hereditary hair loss. Thanks to the mild effect, the shampoos are suitable for daily use.

Although coffee also contains caffeine, drinking coffee does not help to promote hair growth. This is because coffee is taken orally. This is the first thing that goes through the digestion and is later absorbed. Subsequently, the coffee is distributed throughout the entire body and only a very small amount enters the scalp and into the hair roots. Even drinking 50 cups of coffee is not enough to bring the amount of caffeine to the hair roots in the shampoo.

Alpecin and rose

Alpecin not only helps to improve hair growth. With the special anti-dandruff shampoos, dandruff is eliminated and prevented. Dandruff is caused by irritation of the skin, which accelerates the formation of the horny layer. This causes flakes on the scalp. The supply of sebum causes the horn cells to clump together and change into large scalp flakes. The anti-dandruff shampoos stabilize the production of sebum and make the scalp healthy again.

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