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Beautyblender Pure

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Beautyblender Pure

Beautyblender Pure, your makeup blender under the makeup tools! Beauty Blender brings an easy way Primer Serum and Moisturizer Cream evenly to the skin. Beauty Blender Pure is made of super soft material. The makeup is not absorbed by the sponge so there is no make-up waste.

The Beautyblender Pure creates an even softer mix. The open cell structure holds only records what is necessary for optimal application. Pure Beauty Blender prevents streaks and lines thanks to its round shape. Thanks to the particular egg-shape is effortless mixing on small and large areas as possible.

Pure Beauty Blender is not only beautiful to see, the sponge feels soft! Yet this sponge makes for a skintight application of makeup! Beautyblender Pure is made of exclusive material, no other pad will feel better!

The top of the egg-shaped Beauty Blender makeup sponge for hard to reach areas, the top is for large areas. The Beautyblender Pure is made of skin friendly material with unprecedented small openings, applying makeup is therefore much easier!

The Beauty Blender makeup sponge is super smooth causing streaks and lines can be prevented. The result: a streak-free and smooth finish!

Makeup Pure Beauty Blender Sponge:

  • 360 ° egg-shaped sponge
  • Super smooth
  • Silky
  • Exclusive material
  • Prevents makeup waste
  • Open cell structure
  • Prevents streaks and lines
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Hard to reach areas are easy to reach places
  • Suitable for small and large surfaces


  • Moisten the Beauty Blender with water.
  • The sponge will grow up to 2x.
  • Place the Beautyblender Pure on a towel to dry.
  • Dip the Beauty Blender in the makeup.
  • Dab the Beauty Blender at the desired locations.
  • Place the sponge with the rounded side on the packaging in which the Beauty Blender is delivered.
  • The sponge will, after it has been dried, sliding in the package.


  • A beautiful, streak-free, smooth finish!

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Beauty Blender is available in Original, Pure Pro and Micro.Mini.

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