• Argan Secret Moroccan Magic

Argan Secret Moroccan Magic

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Argan Moroccan Secret Magic

Argan Secret Moroccan Magic is a great package consisting of a hair nourishing argan oil and a 3-in-1 massage candle. Argan Secret Moroccan Magic is the ideal gift thanks to the versatile action of the argan oil and massage candle used in three different ways .

Argan Secret 3-in-1 Massage Candle
Argan Secret 3-in-1 massage candle is a candle with a unique flavor thanks to the extracts of nuts, licorice and vanilla. This candle is special due to the very low melting point and thanks to the three different applications. Argan Secret 3-in-1 massage candle can be used as room fragrance, a moisturizer and massage oil. This smooth pull oil into the skin without any residue or greasiness.

Secret Argan Argan Oil
Secret Argan Argan Oil   is a nourishing   argan oil hair product that the weak, damaged hair improved. This oil makes the hair smoothing it and gives the hair a   brilliant shine. The hair is hydrated by "Moroccan gold".

Secret Argan Argan Oil recovered the hair from within and helps to repair split ends and prevent. Secret Argan Argan Oil provides protection against the heat of hair straighteners and hairdryers. This argan oil hair product makes hair   soft, lint-free.

Argan Oil   is extracted from the seeds of fruits that grow on the argan tree. These fruits are green and are similar to olives, only the argan fruit is larger and rounder. Once it is ripe it is yellow.

This fruit contains a hard nut; argan nut. Obtaining argan oil is very difficult and therefore expensive. Therefore, argan oil has the nickname:   Moroccan gold!

Secret Argan Argan Oil has incorporated into the entire product line argan oil. Argan Secret Argan Oil is very economical to use, a small drop is enough for the desired result.

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