Alterna The Science Of Ten Perfect Blend Shampoo

Alterna The Science of Ten Perfect Blend Shampoo, a boon to care for her! Alterna Perfect Blend luxury for maximum beauty!
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Alterna The Science of Ten Perfect Blend Shampoo

with this shampoo produced a revolution in the world of hair care. The people behind this shampoo have wanted for a long time to create that perfect shampoo. A shampoo that not only cleans and cares for the hair, but one who resists her a perfect balance that really is her suitable for every type. The mission of Alterna for each Horticultural, vivid, radiant jeudig give her then also passed by; Alterna The Science of Ten Perfect Blend Shampoo.

The Science of Ten

Why this shampoo 'the science of ten' hot? Because Alterna has merged 10 special ingredients to a perfect mix, hence The Science of Ten.

The brand has sought the best ingredients in from all corners of the world. The special composition comes from exotic corners of the world such as Africa, Morocco and Bulgaria. From all these stories sometimes put acthige, where the origin of beauty and grooming created Alterna has discovered its ingredients.

The composition

This luxieuse shampoo was compiled from:

  • Arabirsche Incense
  • African Cacoa Extract
  • Color Hold Complex
  • Caviar Age-Control
  • Bulgarian Primrose
  • Moroccan Quillaia
  • White Truffle Oil
  • hyaluronic acid
  • grapeseed oil
  • Arnica Bloek

All these special ingredients, each unique in its own kind, to ensure optimal care that is suitable for every type of hair. This shampoo brings the perfect balance back into hair between, care and beauty.

Alterna The Science of Ten Perfect Blend Shampoo is the ultimate hair care product, which it resists her a luxurious abundance of care for maximum beauty.

Completely free of Sulfates. For optimal care use the shampoo in conjunction with The Science of Ten Conditioner .

Alterna The Science of Ten Perfect Blend Shampoo is available in 250ml and 935ml packaging.


Sarh Alhumaid Posted on 1 June 2016 at 12:11

You can think this is expensive. But it is not wen you know how good this shampoo is for your hair. I tried many other shampoo and always had dry hair and it was also broken and not looking healty. Also went many times to the hairdresser to check is she can help me with the hair problems. But no. Then i discoverd this shampoo and conditioner, very happy since i used it first time. I got hairs that shine and it feels not dry anymore. This site is very quick in delevery to Dubai also. 5 stars for you all.

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