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  • Alterna Brightening Blonde Conditioner

Alterna Brightening Blonde Conditioner

Alterna Brightening Blond Conditioner for color retention. Beginning yellow tints. Alterna Brightening Blonde Conditioner, with gorgeous blonde hair!
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Alterna Caviar Brightening Blonde Conditioner

Blond hair must of course be blond. Color Protection is important to contribute to color retention. Alterna has therefore the perfect products and as the Brightening Blonde Conditioner belongs too. This conditioner protects the hair and at the same time, the signs of its aging.

This nourishing conditioner Alterna causes blond hair, natural or dyed get a nice freshening and blonde color comes back alive out. Alterna Brightening Blonde Conditioner takes the yellowish hue and color away, blond highlights are emphasized and the hair becomes soft and healthy. The hair will shine forth as its supposed to shine!

Tip: Use the Alterna Brightening Blonde Shampoo for optimal and complete care of blond hair!

Alterna Brightening Blonde Conditioner

  • nourishing Conditioner
  • Hydrated and Restored
  • Protects the hair color
  • Removed yellowish hues

Alterna Brightening Blonde Conditioner is available in a 250ml container

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