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  • Therapy Shampoo MILD

Therapy Shampoo MILD

Actigener Therapy Shampoo, solution to scalp problems. Actigener is a natural hair product. Actigener care and repairs. Actigener online now!
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Actigener Therapy Shampoo, 250 ml. (Part of the Actigener conditioner)

Actigener is a homeopathic solution to your scalp problems like lifeless hair, itchy scalp, dandruff, dandruff and hair loss.

You will after washing several times with Actigener Therapy shampoo, already feel an immediate improvement. The hair feels healthy again, more volume and feels conditionally much better.

Research has shown that Actigener Therapy Shampoo in 66% of cases, the problem hair loss decreases and promotes new hair growth. They are the natural ingredients in Actigener that provides the nourishing effect on the entire product line. Also, your hair will get healthy radiance.

The plant extract Amica Montana promotes the blood flow just under the skin. This gives a pleasant tingling of the skin. Actigener is unique in its kind.

Note: sometimes may slightly increase your symptoms at first, but after a few uses will decline.

Is your hair in the category of normal to oily hair, then you should use the "Strong".

You can Actigener Therapy Shampoo just use it like any other shampoo, good in massaging, allow to foam, let it soak and rinse thoroughly. See packaging for details.

Actigener Therapy Shampoo comes in a pack of 250 ml.

Ik heb altijd last van roos, en heb al zoveel dingen gebruikt, maar nog altijd had ik roos. Tot ik overstapte op therapy shamnpoo werkt echt uitstekend.

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