POPColor / AriColor.

POPColor previously known AriColor, is a semi permanent hair color from Hairgum. POP Color you can create in no time a very extreme and striking hairstyle. There is a large number of different, excellent colors are available to create the most prominent. Hair color

POPColor is immediately ready for use. To the hair dye is not a hydrogen peroxide and / or ammonia is added.

POPColor is part of the brand Hairgum. The French brand has built an excellent reputation in the past 25 years by always working with the finest ingredients and by paying attention to the latest fashion and trends. Hairgum has its own laboratory where products are developed and tested and, of course, no testing on animals.

For many who Hairgum AriColor many years use it is really getting used to the new name. POPCOLORS However, the product itself has not changed, but only the name has become a bit more contemporary.

So AriColor now called: POPCOLOR.

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