Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Conditioner

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde conditioner, especially for blonde hair. Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Conditioner prevents copper glow. Lee Stafford Bleach Economical
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Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Conditioner

This special conditioner for blonde hair, there is for maintaining your shiny hair and bleached hair with blonde highlights.

This mega moisturizing conditioner refreshes the hair and gives you that blonde color back as if you just came from the hairdresser and if it is just bleached. The blond hair is with Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Conditioner pretty soft and moisturized thanks to Pro-Blonde complex panthenol, chamomile and moringa seed contains extract (derived from the Moringa also known as the "Miracle Tree") and keeps her blond and natural shine strengthened. To be able to maximize blonde color, high tech color protection ensures that your color is not in the course of time fades due to styling, exposure to sunlight and UV damage.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Conditioner is available in a 250ml container.

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