IMPERITY Reconstruction Serum VIAL 10 x 10ml

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Imperity Reconstruction Serum Vial

Imperity Reconstruction Serum Vial contains bio-active compounds from marine plants (HYPNEA MUSCIFORMIS), which ensure the total recovery of the hair, even in the case of heavily damaged hair.

Imperity Reconstruction Serum Vial
fits the structure of the hair and after the first use will be improved hair and easier to comb.

The product can also be extremely useful for alleviating various chemical treatments such as dyeing and decolorization. The Imperity Reconstruction Serum is then mixed with hair dye or ontkleuringspoeder for direct recovery of the hair.

Also, you naturally want to get rid of that dull, dry and brittle hair. There's really definitely do something about it. Treat your hair Imperity Professional Reconstruction Serum VIAL Treatment and your hair will directly result in strong and healthy hair.


  • Apply the serum on the hair.
  • massage gently and leave it for 5 minutes then
  • Rinse the finally completely.

Imperity Reconstruction Serum Vial is supplied in packs of 10 capsules containing the highly concentrated Imperity Reconstruction Serum.

You can wash your hair with Imperity Professional Reconstruction Shampoo; a lovely fresh, concentrated shampoo which will further support your reconstrution treatment.

Imperity Vial is also available as an anti-Oily man treatment, Anti-Dandruff / anti-dandruff treatment and as Anti-Hair Loss / Anti-hair loss treatment.

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