IMPERITY Hardener Violet 15ml

Violet 15ml hardener within two weeks guaranteed results! Hard and long nails through the Hardener Violet 15ml. Top class in Italy!
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Imperity Hardener Violet 15ml

Are your nails weak and fast ripping the ultimate solution:

Imperity Hardener 15ml Violet!   Within two weeks, guaranteed result. Hard and long fingernails.


Day 1: Apply a coat Imperity hardener to Violet
Day 2: Apply a second layer Imperity hardener to Violet
Day 3: Apply a third coat Imperity hardener to Violet
Repeat this over a course of 14 days.

Watch out:

Not suitable after removing artificial nails

Wait a few hours to wash your hands after applying the Imperity Hardener Violet

The first product on one nail test.

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