IMPERITY Fixing Liquid, 400ml

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Imperity Professional Fixing Liquid

Imperity Professional Fixing Liquid got special additives. There is a fragrance added to temper the strong smell of fixer / neutralize liquid and neutralize.

In addition, there are substances added which makes the treatment less damaging to the hair. To a permanent treatment to achieve optimal results, you should use after the perm treatment Imperity Professional Fixing Liquid.


  • Let the neutralization / fixer foaming with a sponge in a glass or plastic dish and spread the foam mass on her.
  • Massage the hair then in the Fixing of Liquid Imperity.
  • Then wash the hair.

Always finish with the use of a good hair mask, it makes the hair soft and nourishes the hair directly. This makes the hair soft and healthy. Click here for all her masks Imperity!

Imperity Professional Fixing Liquid syringe is supplied in vials of 90 ml and 400 ml.

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