Framesi Morphosis restructure Kit

Framesi Morphosis restructure Kit, intensive care treatment for her. Framesi Morphosis restructure Kit, beneficial to
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Framesi Morphosis restructure Kit

When the hair is damaged, dull or lifeless, a deeply concentrated care no harm. This requires the Framesi Morphosis Re-Structure Kit intended. This kit is a professional intensive treatment to restructure the hair, nourish and again to give back its strength and luster.

The Framesi Morphosis restructure Kit consists of three different treatments. Namely a Revitalising Shampoo, an Express Filler and a unique Precious Fluid.

Treatment in steps.

Step 1 - Revitalising Shampoo

  • Purifying deep nourishing shampoo with surface active plant substances with an acidic pH cleanses the hair in depth; it makes the hair soft and moisturized, ready for subsequent treatments. The ingredients also nourish the hair and scalp!


  • A gel to restructure the hair and repair the hair fiber in depth. It makes the hair thicker, fuller, more compact and improved the texture directly. Enriched with marine collagen, pearl proteins, silica, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, wheat protein, and glycerine. Overall a great nourishing product!


  • An intensive repair treatment. Restores the natural beauty and elasticity of the hair fibers. Thanks to the best ingredients the hair is spoiled so that the active ingredients prolong the benefits of treatment. Makes hair extremely shiny and soft. Together made up of unique ingredients such as marine collagen, pearl protein, selenium, vitamin E, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, durable 100% vegetable resin to encapsulate the hair.

The Framesi Morphosis restructure Kit is a unique, super nourishing hair treatment. Definitely, every hair type, again the gloss, strength and vitality will return

The Framesi Kit consists of three bottles Revitalising Shampoo 1000ml, the Express Filler 1000ml and 1000ml Precious Filler.


Marloes Posted on 30 November 2016 at 14:46

Als jou haar beschadigd is, zou ik dit zeker eens proberen! Mij heeft het in ieder geval echt geholpen!

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