BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE

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BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE

The BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE is a jewel among the hairdryers. This beautiful hair conditions the hair while the device is effective and powerful proceed.

BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE with its 399 grams weight extremely light. This revolutionary hair dryer is very compact and has a very long life. BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE contains a motor designed by Ferrari, making it clear where the power comes from.

BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE has a great ergonomic shape, making the hair dryer is very comfortable and can be used without heavy exertion. The lead of no less than 2.8 meter provides great freedom of movement.

BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE has an extremely fast drying time and has no carbon, so that the air thus will not be contaminated. Is possible thanks to the twelve temperature and speed settings to fine-tune the hair the way you want.

BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE includes an ion generator. This ion generator creates millions of negative ions, which will close the cuticle. This will result in shining hair.

BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE:

  • Powerful, effective hair
  • Weight: 399 grams
  • Engine designed by Ferrari
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Cord 2.8 meters long
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Including Silencer (less noise)
  • Including three nozzles (4x70mm - 6x60mm - 6x75mm)

BaByliss Pro Föhn BAB7000IE comes standard with three different nozzles and a silencer to muffle the sound of the device.


Laura Posted on 16 September 2016 at 16:22

Deze föhn droogt je har super snel, is licht van gewicht en de snoer is heel erg lang. Heel erg fijn, echt een aanrader!

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